Anti Aging

Smile rejuvenation

Anti-aging medicine

is concerned with slowing down the natural aging process and redirecting that process - rejuvenating tissues and organisms.

Hyaluronic acid is an integral part of the connective tissue, which disappears in old age. Restylane®, a product of the Swedish company Q-Med, which is the most represented on the world market and has the largest number of clinical trials, which provides safe and very successful results to doctors who use it worldwide. The reason is its chemical composition, which fully matches the composition of human hyaluronic acid.

It is also important to mention that procedures are performed by certified doctors.

With the Restylane® preparation, it is possible to treat almost all wrinkles on the face and its effect lasts for about a year, sometimes longer. What is interesting is that each subsequent Restylane® therapy is more and more successful, because it stimulates the production of collagen in the skin, which restores elasticity and firmness and improves the appearance, color and shine of the skin.

Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd