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Dental implants

Healthy teeth make you feel attractive, but they are crucial for many daily activities, and the lack of one or more teeth causes numerous functional and psychological difficulties.


Missing teeth can be replaced by a number of procedures, however, ideal replacement of lost teeth, both in terms of aesthetics (natural appearance) and functionality (long-term) is only possible with the placement of implants.

Thanks to modern solutions and scientific achievements in implantology and prosthetics, easy, absolutely safe and efficient therapy for toothless areas of the jaws is possible today.

The implant replaces the root of the tooth in the jaw and stimulates the bone, thereby preventing its loss, which normally occurs after tooth extraction and under the pressure of dentures.

Implant installation procedure

  1. The first stage is SURGICAL, where the implant is placed in the bone tissue.
  2. The second stage is PROSTHETIC where the final crown is placed on the implant.

These two phases are several months apart.

Recently, more and more immediate loading is being done, which is a type of therapy where an implant is placed in the same phase, usually on the same day, and a temporary crown is fixed on it. Of course, there are special indications for such cases, and fortunately for many patients, they are being done more and more often. This type of therapy carries with it a certain complexity, and the experience and expertise of the therapist, as well as the will and dedication of the patient, are necessary in order for success to be certain. Even this form of therapy requires the final phase of replacing the temporary crown with a definitive one.

Not all implants are the same!


Straumann, the company we cooperate with, is a global leader in the production of implants (about 10 million implanted) and research in the field of implantology. Straumann implants, with their design, provide a solution for all patients, for all indications and bone types, and the special surface enables fast tooth replacement.

The installed Straumann implants come with an original passport as well as a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Straumann represents the premium quality of dental implants.


Neodent implant system is a member of the Straumann group.

It is produced in Brazil, the leading country in the world in terms of the number of installed implants per year. This brand has a tradition of over 20 years, but it also has more affordable prices.

Neodent je moderan sistem koji pod okriljem Straumann grupe nudi rešenja i za najteže situacije. Posebno se dobro pokazao kod bezzubih pacijenata, gde vrlo često postavljamo implante i privremene zube u jednoj seansi, čak i kad je potrebno izvaditi zube u krajnjem stadijumu parodontopatije. To je čuveni koncept imedijatne ugradnje i imedijatnog opterećenja, koji je još poznat pod nazivima “Pro Arch” i “All on 4”.

The installed Neodent implants also come with an original passport AND LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd

Today's challenges

Today, there is still a large number of different implants on the market, but this number is decreasing. Frivolous companies that make low-quality implants and copies of well-known systems are slowly closing down, because both doctors and patients have realized that the choice should not be dictated only by the low price. Companies that are closed like this can no longer produce the components necessary to replace crowns and abutments and put the patient in an unenviable situation where they may have a healthy implant, but which they cannot use.

Today, the aesthetics of the implant is an important factor in assessing the success of the implant. It is no longer just important that the implant meets the functional requirements, but that it fits into the dental row and does not differ from natural teeth. Fortunately, today we are technologically well equipped to deal with the challenges of aesthetics, but we are not yet at the level where aesthetic perfection is guaranteed. Close cooperation between the patient and the doctor is necessary in order to achieve the desired results. When you laugh in the company of loved ones and at that moment you forget about ceramics, implants, anesthesia and us, then it is 100% success. You should remember us every six months and come for a check-up.

Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd

All on 4 concept – NeoArch

For edentulous jaws, we recommend the method of installing four implants according to the All on 4 concept, where the dental restorations are fixed as a whole.

This minimum number of implants can hold a complete prosthetic restoration for one jaw. In addition to functional restoration, this concept offers maximum aesthetic effect. It allows us to create favorable inter-jaw relationships necessary for a proper bite but also contributes to restoring the face's natural contours.

This concept has been proven as:

Most secure

Most simple


Most Successful

a protocol for the rehabilitation of the edentulous jaw with fixed compensation in the past two decades.


This option includes the installation of 4 implants, Straumann group Neodent, in one fork with abutments and definitive prosthetic work

The definitive prosthetics fixed Hybrid bridge with metal reinforcement and acrylic teeth

This method's advantages:


Opcija 2 – Krunice

If you want metalokeramičke krunicemetal-ceramic crowns, then the whole therapy is done in two stages.

1. SURGICAL PHASE, first visit 3-4 working days Insertion of 4 implants, Straumann group Neodent, in one jaw with abutments and installation of temporary work

2. DEFINITIVE PROSTHETICS, second visit after 3-4 months, 5 working days Definitive prosthetic restoration is placed with 10 metal-ceramic crowns per jaw

This method's advantages:

  • - CERAMIC IS A MUCH LONGER-LASTING MATERIAL, 10-15 YEARS, sometimes even longer if regularly maintained
  • -NO GUM INFLAMMATION, soft tissue adapts better to ceramics