Modern Prosthodontics

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Bezmetalne krunice i mostovi – Savremena protetika

which we promote, includes a detailed and individual therapy plan, computer design and production of crowns (CAD/CAM) that fit ideally on the teeth/implants, and, finally, delicate toning of the color to achieve flawless aesthetic success.

Studies have proven that such crowns, in addition to significant aesthetic advantages, also lead in the long term due to their precise manufacturing. During the therapy, temporary prosthetic solutions are made that enable the patient to function normally on those days, give the patient an insight into how the future teeth will look and function, and suggest possible changes.

Bezmetalna keramika propušta i reflektuje svetlost kao prirodan zub, i zbog toga ima izuzetna estetska svojstva. Postoje više vrsta bezmetalne keramike (Zircon, Empress, Alumina…) i u zavisnosti od individualne potrebe, predlaže se najoptimalnija. Sve one se kompjuterski dizajniraju i izrađuju, što obezbeđuje vrhunsku preciznost. Ovo je jako bitno zbog dugoročnosti same nadoknade, ali i zbog zdravlja okolnog tkiva i desni.

Ceramic Veneers

If the patient is dissatisfied with the shape or size of all teeth, minimally invasive corrections may contribute to the smile's aesthetics.
Poslednjih godina aktuelne su fasete – veniri, čija je indikacija upravo promena oblika i boje zuba, bilo da li jedan ili vise zuba u pitanju.

Interventions that involve this type of correction are painless and represent a daily routine procedure in the dental office.
Preparation of teeth for placing veneers involves minimal or no ( NONPREP ) removal of tooth substance. After preparing the teeth, the dentist will take an impression, according to which the technician will make a model and veneer on it.

Veneers are made of special ceramics and can be of different thicknesses depending on the need to change the color or replace the tooth substance. Afterward, the veneer is fixed with a special type of cement (composite cement).

With proper maintenance of the teeth and the supporting appliance, veneers can be stable on the teeth for more than 10, and even up to 15 years.
In our practice, we make veneers from E-max Ivoclar ceramic, which is also the best solution.

E-max Ceramics is the highest quality ceramic used in the dental industry and is considered the best achievement in dental crown technology. It is a form of ceramics that provides the best aesthetic appearance by complementing natural teeth and lasts longer. It has an attractive airy color and is very durable with the added strength of composite cement. E-max veneer has a natural shape and a transparent color that enables an exact color match with the patient's natural teeth,

Veneer aesthetics

Metal-free crowns do not contain "black" metal as a basis, which contributes to a superior aesthetic effect. Aesthetic crowns are carefully planned and made using computer (CAD/CAM) technology, which ensures extraordinary manufacturing precision and ideal fit of the crown to the tooth. This preserves the surrounding soft tissue, which depends on the health of the gums and thus the long-term durability of prosthetic work.

with the best and most equipped dental labs, we incent flawless results and individually profiled therapy.

Conventional crowns and bridges

Conventional crowns and bridges are made of metal alloys (as a base) and different types of ceramics as an aesthetic covering. These types of crowns and bridges are still used very successfully. The production process has been greatly improved so that today they are also designed and made by computer. This contributes to the exceptional precision and longevity of the replacement.

Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd


Wax-up is a 3D model that represents a plan and proposal of the final look, which enables the patient to get an impression of the appearance of the future teeth before the start of the therapy and helps propose his vision, to actively participate in the creation of smile aesthetics.

Tooth whitening

An efficient and safe method. The darker color of the teeth can be overcome successfully and for a long time. Immediate whitening is possible in the doctor's office, which is a half-hour procedure that gives immediate results. Another option is using individual foils that the patient wears in his spare time as instructed by the doctor. Both methods are painless and safe.

Lengthening of the so-called crowns. (gummy smile)

The first thing you notice in someone is a SMILE. A perfect smile is not only sparkling white teeth but also a perfect harmony between teeth and gums. If you think that your teeth are small or that the visibility of your gums is dominant when you smile, the good news is that this, more aesthetic problem, can be solved.

Excessive visibility of the gums or the so-called A GUMMY SMILE does not have to be the reason for your loss of self-confidence.

What is the cause of Gummy smile and how can it be solved?

  • 1. Overdeveloped gums
  • 2. Hypertrophic gingiva
  • 3. Short and worn teeth
  • 4. Hypermobility of the upper lip 

Combined therapy is also indicated, where, in addition to the above, Botox is also used, which is not a permanent solution, as it needs to be repeated every three to six months.

In those situations, we are doing the following:

  • 1. Gingivektomija – hirurško uklanjanje viška desni, pri cemu se koriguje i kost ispod desni u cilju sprečavanja vraćanja desni u prvobitan položaj;

  • 2. Gingivoplastika – uklanjanje viška desni, preoblikovanje i dovođenje u željeni položaj u odnosu na zube;

  • 3. Protetska terapija – najbolje estetsko rešenje jesu bezmetalne krune ili fasete-viniri kojima se može postići odgovarajući oblik, veličina i boja zuba;

  • 4. Ortodontska terapija – postavljanje zuba u željeni položaj;

  • 5. Reposition of the upper lip - surgical intervention to lower the upper lip.

Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd

Raising the bite position

Vremenom se zubi troše, što dovodi do gubitka visine zagrižaja. Pored funkcionalnih problema (vilični zglob i žvakanje) esteski neostatak je veoma uočljiv. Dolazi do skupljanja donje trećine lica i izražene pojave linija (bora) oko usta. Multidisciplinarnim pristupom ovom problemu, uspešno se uspostavlja normalna funkcija vilica, a lice dobija nekadašnji “mlađi” izgled.

Aesthetic fillings

The latest generation of white (composite) fillings allows for perfect aesthetic results with excellent physical properties.

Prostheses (Implant-supported)

Mobile prosthetic solutions, popularly called prostheses, are less prevalent today. However, for patients who need them, it is possible to make wearing them significantly easier and increase their stability with a very simple procedure using mini implants.