Smile Esthetics Services

Flawless Results

According to detailed analysis and thick cooperation with the best and most equipped dental labs, we incent flawless results and individually profiled therapy.



Straumann®, the company we work with, is a global leader in production of implants (around 10 million embedded implants) a leader in research in the field of implantology. The Straumann implants designs render solutions to all patients for all indications and types of bones and the special surface enables rapid tooth loss replacement.

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Hirurška Terapija

Surgical Therapy

Oral surgical procedures are considered simple procedures conducted by local anesthesia. Sometimes, if the need arises, the patient may be just sedated.

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Savremena Protetika

Modern Prosthodontics

Modern dental prosthetics allow us to provide our patients with the compensation of lost teeth that can compensate for the lack of one or more teeth in both an aesthetic and functional sense.

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The treatment of straightening curved teeth contributes to a better health function, health of orofacial system and face look. It is of great importance to order the teeth in a proper position. Each anomaly affects the temporomandibular joint and consequently face and head muscles which can become chronically tensed and painful.

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Preventiva i Profilaksa

Preventive And Prophylaxis

Plaque, tartar, and pigmentations of the teeth are not only aesthetic imperfections. Tartar can cause unpleasant breath and can lead to bleeding of gums and periodontal disease because of the extensive amount of bacteria it contains.

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Lečenje Zuba

Dental Treatment

Contemporary endodontic treatment is based on the elimination of damaged or infected pulp tissue. It is performed by specially designed apparatus and manufactured instruments (rotary files) for prompt infection elimination and adequate tooth recovery.

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Periodontal disease commonly goes unnoticed. It is of great importance to identify and treat diseases and gum recession as soon as possible. If it happens unnoticed, the tooth root is exposed, tooth gets wobbly and it has to be removed. Along with teeth loss the supporting tissues (gums and bone) are lost as well.

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Anti Aging

Anti Aging

Hyaluronic acid is a structural component of the connective tissue that disappears with ageing. Restylane®,the product of the Swiss company Q-Med, is widely spread on the market around the globe. It shows remarkable results and many clinical trials have been done to confirm that.

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