Regenerative therapy for periodontal disease


Periodontal disease is a disease that most often goes unnoticed. It is important to identify and treat disease and gum recession as soon as possible. If it goes unnoticed, the situation can worsen to the point where the root of the tooth is exposed to the external environment, the tooth breaks down and soon has to be extracted. In addition to the loss of teeth, there is also the loss of supporting tissues (gums and bones), which represents a major reconstructive and aesthetic problem.

Preparatom Emdogain® , postiže se veliki uspeh u regeneraciji obolelog tkiva jer ovaj nov metod lečenja ne samo što sprečava dalji tok bolesti već obezbeđuje regeneraciju izgubljenog tkiva (nadomešćuje se gubitak kosti i desni) i povratak na nivo pre razvoja bolesti.

Covering gingival recessions (retraction of gums)

The gingiva plays a protective role. It protects and covers the tooth root and surrounding bone tissue. When the root is revealed, the tooth reacts (increased sensitivity) to sweet, cold or even brushing the teeth. Slowly, there is a loss of surrounding tissue and the tooth becomes endangered, leading to its necessary extraction.
Gingival recession symptoms:

  • – Osetljivi zubi
  • – Bolna (upaljena) gingiva
  • – Duži zubi
  • – Eksponirani korenovi zuba
  • – Gubitak zuba
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd