Orofacial health

Corrective Therapy

The treatment of straightening curved teeth contributes to a better health function, health of orofacial system and face look. It is of great importance to order the teeth in a proper position. Each anomaly affects the temporomandibular joint and consequently face and head muscles which can become chronically tensed and painful.

More and more adults are opting for orthodontic treatment because of an unfavorable schedule, tooth loss or other indications. Modern orthodontic solutions enable very fast and safe therapy success without conventional braces that are glued to the teeth.

Translucent films (Invisalign)

Translucent foils (Invisalign) is an almost invisible system for straightening teeth that uses a series of transparent foils, individually made, where each successive one gradually brings the teeth into the desired position. This system has special advantages due to its comfort and mobility, however, it is not possible in all cases.

Aesthetic braces

Modern orthodontic therapy brings with it greater comfort, ease and confidence of the patient, by replacing classic metal "fixed prostheses" with tooth-colored or transparent braces.

Conventional braces

Conventional braces or so-called metal fixed prostheses, despite the fact that today they are being replaced by new, more aesthetic solutions, there are still indications when these prostheses are advised, and the fact that they have also advanced in the field of aesthetics, by reducing their size, can serve as comforting information for the patient. The locks themselves and the possibility to put rubber bands in various colors around them that hold the bow. Also, the metal arch slides more easily along the metal bracket, so it is possible to achieve the desired results of moving the teeth faster than with aesthetic ones.


Inman is an excellent solution for gently guiding the front teeth into their ideal position. This type of therapy is fast, safe and with excellent results compared to other systems in 6 to 16 weeks. Considering that it is a mobile appliance, the patient's comfort is incomparably greater compared to fixed orthodontic appliances.

6 months smile

6 months smile - is a principle that deals with quickly bringing the front teeth into the desired position in 4 (easier cases) to 9 (more complicated) and on average 6 months. Brackets for this treatment can be both aesthetic and metal because the essence is in the hi-tech arch for connecting the brackets, which produces a small continuous force to move the teeth and thereby contributes to the efficiency and above all the safety of this system.

Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd