Dental Tourism

Modern Quality and Efficiency

Keeping Pace With World Trends

Smile Ethetics providing highest quality, efficient and up to date services aiming to satisfy needs of each potential patient from any part of the world.

We care for you and provide all the patients with:

  • Free-of-charge Transfer from the airport to the suite
  • A very classy suite In harmony with our high standards, at the very center of the capital city, across the street from the magnificent building of the Federal Assembly
  • Telephone numbers of our doctors, at your disposal during your stay
  • Number or the clinic manager, who will be at your disposal for any kind of direction and assistance

Worldwide dental services are multifold more expensive compared to dental services provided in Serbia. Belgrade has become a must-see European city, being an attractive destination to visit. Accordingly, dental tourism is very popular in Serbia, both for its low pricing and high quality of material identical as in countries with high standard of living.

Smile Esthetics is a specialist dental clinic of Oral surgery distinguished by its supreme quality of services, expert staff, equipped top technological and technical modern dental resources and materials, hygiene procedures, permanent education of doctors and other medical staff, cooperation with modern dental laboratories and services provided in a brief time.

Primary goal is to provide the patient with high level of service, as well as guarantee for the complete treatment.

Smile Esthetics cooperates exclusively with Swiss Straumann implant system, world leader in dental industry of supreme quality. By having such implant you have insured yourself with a lifetime guarantee!

First step is to send an e-mail describing your problem, your wishes, plans and questions. Enclose in the e-mail an obligatory digital Ortopan footage of both jaws to give us better insight in analysis of anatomic structures, i.e, state of your teeth and bones. Our team shall, after detailed analysis, compose the treatment process and present all options to you. In case two visits are required, we shall charge you with only the price of interventions made on the first visit, whereas you will pay the rest on completion of the work.

Prior to the planned visit to Belgrade a patient is introduced to all details of health treatment as indicated by our team of doctors, number of days and visits to Belgrade, health insurance, accommodation and explicit price for the compete treatment.

Intervention of implanting requires to spend 3 days in Belgrade.On the first day, the implants are emplaced, and we are performing a 24h control the following day. After 3 months from implanting, the prosthetic part is made when the implant coalesces with the jaw bone. Making the prosthetic part on implants requires 5-7 days of stay in Belgrade. All other kinds of prosthetic work also require 5-7 days. All interventions are done painlessly in local anesthesia and, if the patient has fear of dentists, they can be done in sedation (semi-conscious state), in cooperation with the anesthesiologist.