Preventive And Prophylaxis

Reduces Risk of Inflammation

Dental plaque, calculus and pigmentation

na zubima ne predstavljaju samo estetski nedostatak. Kamenac često izaziva nerijatan dah, a zbog visoke koncentracije bakterija u ovim naslagama, dovodi do zapaljenja i krvarenja desni što vodi u parodontopatiju. Svakodnevna oralna higijena svodi nastanak oboljenja na minimum, ali ipak postoje mesta koja nisu pristupačna četkici i koncu.

Ultrasonic tartar removal

Ultrasonic tartar removal should be performed regularly, two to three times a year, depending on the case, in order to prevent more complex, invasive and expensive interventions as well as problems in the functioning and appearance of the teeth. The procedure is fast and painless.

Teeth polishing

By polishing the teeth with special prophylactic pastes, the deposition of bacteria and plaque is prevented and caries is reduced. After this treatment, the tooth surface becomes clean and smooth, and no damage to the tooth enamel occurs.

Teeth sandblasting

Teeth sandblasting is a process of professional cleaning of teeth with an Air-Flow system. During sandblasting, the teeth are treated with a special powder, which removes soft deposits, and pigmentation from cigarettes, coffee, wine, and tea... and the natural whiteness of the teeth is also restored. The method is painless and effective

Fissure sealants

Fissure sealants are a preventive measure where the fissures and pits of the lateral teeth are filled with materials specially intended for this purpose, protecting them against caries in the long term. The procedure is simple and painless, it does not involve drilling the teeth or removing any enamel.

You can do a lot with your regular checkups to improve your oral health and avoid expensive and unpleasant interventions.

Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd
Stomatoloska ordinacija Beograd